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Cut Out And Collect

wait, I have to pick my favorite harrilu top? they're ALL MY FAVORITE. I did like the tree hoodie that made it to the front page of etsy, yesterday!

Oooohhhh, I want this necklace, too!


i confess i love the bunny rabbit shirts the most. for gift items, and for myself!

Catherine Chandler

That necklace is stunning! I love coral shapes, but can't bring myself to buy the real thing.

Beth Walker

Wow, the shirts AND the jewelry are super rad. My favorite shirt design is the Connections Eco-Heather Short Sleeve Hoodie. I really like any sort of botanical design and this ones really pretty.


only one favourite?? might be the Tuffet Black and Poppy Poofy Sleeve Gauze Short Sleeve Tshirt, but the White Birds Black Tunic Or Mini Dress is close second!
The necklace looks nice!


Oh! I really love the "Connections" tee in your shop.

Jessica Dougherty

You know I love all your designs; however, I guess right now I'd say my fav is peonies tunic. Jessica info(at)funkyfinds(dot)us


My favorite is the lace top: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=23409572
I love the high contrast between the white and gray, and it looks so comfy.

Bliss Street Jewelry

ok I know it said shirt but I love this-


plus sizes? any time in the future just send me an email.

shoshona snow

I'm wearing a pair of Ashley's earrings right now! And of course, I'd love to have that necklace!

As for a shirt? I've had a red Delicate Flight shirt in my favorites forever. I'm also rather fond of the Tuffet design.

connie akers

I love the Queen Anne's Lace of your current offerings but the Cute Chick onesie is a fav.


the bunny front and back is my favorite! it was really hard to pick, though!
xo penny


I love the bright pop of red on that pendant!
Oh, this is easy - I've been eyeing your Black with White Branches Knit Tshirt Dress for quite some time now...:).


Kimberly B.

I like A Little Lace in White & Gray---so elegant! Thanks!

Pamela Michelle

I love me some lacy birds! I wear it as much as possible.


Wow, beautiful!


I really love the Afro shirt and the red poppies shirt and the birds too - I love them all really but those three are my favs.

Hope you are well and I get to see you when we visit!


Hooray!!!!!! I WON!!!!!

I only remember winning one thing before. It was an immersion hand mixer at our neighborhood meeting and smoke came out of it when I plugged it in. And now I have a SMOKIN' necklace!


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